December 5, 2022

Who Should Get the Republican Nomination

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This past April I turned 35.  I’ve always joked that when I become 35, then I’ll be able to run for President.  After all, when you’re in your early 30s, there aren’t many “milestone” birthdays left.  With that theme, my dining room was covered in Red, White and Blue and even my cake told me that now I could run for President.

Except, who has ever heard of a Software Engineer in the Conservative Party winning an election for President of the United States?

Two Party System

Though our government was not originally set up this way, America has become a land of two parties.  No, I’m not talking about Democrats and Republicans.  I’m talking about the Washington/Wall Street Elite and the rest of the country.

Indeed, politicians today need millions of dollars to run an effective campaign, and those dollars are paid for by Wall Street, who gets beneficial legislation in return.  Oh, did I forget the Unions are in there as well?

That’s why we don’t really see any legislation that actually has the best interest of the people in mind (thought that’s what the speeches and comments of our leaders would have you believe), the actually have the best interests of their donor’s in mind.

The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Have the Same Enemy

I believe that if the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were to actually take stock in what they’re claiming that they’re saying, they’d realize that they aren’t that different.

  • Both of them want less government intrusion in their lives.
  • Both of them want what’s been promised to them.
  • Both of them believe that they want what America is supposed to be.
  • Both of them have been coopted by political parties to attempt to channel their energy into the establishment.
  • Whereas the Tea Party is rallying against big government, the Occupy Wall Street bunch is rallying against Wall Street and the big bankers—they’re both against the one ruling party.

Both of these groups need to wake up and realize that they have a common enemy.

The Problem With the Republicans

The problem I have with the current field of Republicans is that most of them are more of the same.  This is exceptionally true with Gov. Romney and Gov. Perry.  Both of these men know how to talk “Conservative Speak” but both of their records suggest that they are playing the game.

The only person that seems more slippery than these two is Speaker Gingrich.  Yes, the man has a lot of brilliant ideas.  He’s probably the brightest in the bunch, and I’d like to see him up against Pres. Obama if only for the fact that he could run rings around him.  There’d be no doubt who was more intellectual.

The problem with Newt is that he was a legislator, a deal maker, and therefore he is more likely (in my mind) to compromise when he should be pushing forward a conservative agenda.

I’m a Realist

See, when Pres. Obama was elected, I was telling people that there was no way he’d get everything that he wanted the way that he wanted it.  It couldn’t be as “bad” as what he promised.  This truth is even more prominent when it’s a Republican.

So, to have someone like Newt in office makes me concerned that he would not push for what we believe, but that he’d find a way to compromise.

As a realist, I know there’s no way that Bachmann, Santorum or Huntsman have a chance.  Much of the top tier would have to disappear.  Cain is on his way down—not because he’s been proven to be a sexual harasser, but because all you need is the charge of impropriety and some credible facts (like the settlements) to make people wonder.  That’s enough to shake support.

The Enigma

The only one left is Ron Paul.  Personally, having him up against Obama would be (for me) as much fun as having Newt up there.  No one has the consistency of position or grasp of the facts on the economic side (where I believe Pres. Obama is weakest) as these two men.  Yes, Romney is credible with the Olympics, but not as impressive as these men.

I don’t like the fact that Ron Paul is oblivious to the evil of the dictators of the world.  Yes, we need to withdraw from the wars we are in. (Remind me, why are we still in Korea?)  Yes, we need to have a stronger border.  No, we can’t afford an army the size that we have as committed as we have.

And yet, when he says things like we can’t have sanctions because of food and medicine to children, he shows that he doesn’t understand that even if the sanctions were not present, the evil dictators of the world will still not provide food and medicine to kids.

So Who Should Get the Nomination?

Currently, I’m hoping for either Rep. Paul or Speaker Gingrich.  I’d like this election year to be a slam dunk with a clear message.  I want either the person with the passion of his convictions, or a true brainiac that can come up with unique ways to solve the problems we face.  Maybe both of these guys on the same ticket.

What I don’t believe that we can do with is more of the same.

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