May 16, 2021

How is Your Reputation?

Headshift business card discussion
Headshift business card discussion (Photo credit: Lars Plougmann)

This past Wednesday night, I gave a talk at my church about being witnesses for Christ.  We talked about how we can impact people’s lives at the supermarket and when we go out to eat, but we also, briefly, touched on what we can do at the workplace.

That got me to thinking—how is my reputation in the workplace?  Would my coworkers consider me a person of integrity?

In Men and Woman of Integrity, an author writes:

In the work place people often are paid less than what they deserve. Because owners and those who administrate for them often pay based upon their own profit. Their employees look for ways to take back some of what they feel is owed to them.

No matter whether it is embezzling money or stealing office supplies, people find ways of justifying the sins they commit to extract satisfaction.

Christians are to submit to their employers as if they are submitting unto God. For it is by God’s design they are where they are and no matter the injustice committed in wages paid, a Christian is to be looking to God to supply their need.

Though you may feel you are being unjustly treated or paid less than your value, to reach out and take from a person or company undermines your own self.

It’s even possible to steal time, attention, or other intangibles.  Do we really look at our job as work for Christ?

The question that’s been in my mind is this:  Would something that we read, something that we find amusing in our lives—either working or at home—cause a stumbling block for an unbeliever to come to Christ?  If so, why do we still permit it in our lives?

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