May 9, 2021

Bookmarks for September 8th from 08:15 to 13:09

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These are my links for September 8th from 08:15 to 13:09:

  • Say Anything » The College Tuition Bubble May Be Worse Than The Housing Bubble – The College Tuition bubble is just waiting in the wings– especially with fewer college graduates able to find work to pay off their debt!
  • Vox Popoli: Happy Unicorn Day! – “As I have stated several times before, there is no such thing as equality! It does not exist in material terms, legal terms, moral terms, scientific terms, or spiritual terms. There is no evidence for it because it simply does not exist. Women who traded societal wealth and material freedom for nonexistent “equality” have made a terrible bargain since they literally traded something for nothing. The foundation of the suffrage argument is the false assertion that voting is freedom. My counterargument rests on the verifiable assertion that voting does not equal freedom. That is the crux of the matter.” — The problem that I have is like this: It seems that women have given up that which truly matters (raising the next generation and making the family all it can be) for the attempt to be a man. The woman has gotten the bad end of the deal.
  • Vox Popoli: Marriage flames out – “The biggest open secret in the landmark trial over same-sex marriage being heard in San Francisco is that the federal judge who will decide the case, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, is himself gay.” — This is the part that bugged me when I originally heard the ruling. How did they manage to get this guy to judge?
  • Althouse: “The crisis at which we are arrived may with propriety be regarded as the era in which that decision is to be made” — a lofty quote from Alexander Hamilton… – “We are not now quite at a founding moment, or even a re-founding moment. But we have arrived at a genuine crisis, or a set of crises, and we may well be at a decisive moment for the country.” – Does this mean that Kristol thinks that this is truly “the most important election ever” or that it’s something that we should take seriously? Personally, I think that we need to get to the point where we’re really willing to do what needs to be done, and not just elect the same old people to do the same old thing.
  • Althouse: Jack Balkin warns liberals not to cheer the new DOMA cases. – “If the federal government cannot interfere with state prerogatives in these areas, why was it able to pass all of these statutes, which clearly affect how state family law operates in practice and clearly give incentives that could further, undermine, or even in some cases preempt state policies?…” The DOMA argument in California has a lot of interesting twists, not the least of which is the 10th amendment argument which, if accepted, would mean the end of all sorts of benefits as the federal government has usurped a lot of state’s rights.
  • Althouse: Eliminate cash and you eliminate (much) robbery. – “If it’s impossible to pay cash when you buy stuff, it’s also impossible not to leave electronic footprints behind you, and the electronic footprints from what you buy put together can tell the entire story about your life. This can be very sensitive information… Most people don’t want this total surveillance society.” – Exactly. Every time you use that card, every time you whip out the store “discount card” you’re providing with information about you. How about every time you use that web browser that’s made by a search engine provider? How much does Google know about you anyway?
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