April 21, 2021

Bookmarks for August 19th through August 24th

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These are my links for August 19th through August 24th:

  • Say Anything » Missouri Pizzeria Offers Obama, Pelosi Specials – I hope they don’t go out of business with the deals they are offering. I mean, if you start giving a small for the price of an X Large…
  • Althouse: “It’s a sad commentary that it even has to be stated what faith the president observes, as if it should matter whether he follows Christianity, or any religion at all.” – Interesting comment on Obama and Christianity: “He describes how moved he was by the service, but what moves him is the others around him as they respond to a sermon about black culture and history. He never says he felt the presence of God or accepted Jesus as his savior or anything that suggests he let go of his skepticism. Obama’s own book makes him look like an agnostic (or an atheist). He respects religion because he responds to the people who believe, and he seems oriented toward leveraging the religious beliefs of the people for worldly, political ends.”
  • Does Barack Obama want to be re-elected in 2012? – Telegraph – This article makes a compelling argument for why President Obama may not even run for a second term… Interesting…
  • Pajamas Media » Top Muslims Condemn Ground Zero Mosque as a ‘Zionist Conspiracy’ – I’m not sure what I think about this mosque (aside from the fact that it promotes a false religion), but from a Constitutional perspective I can’t see a problem with it. From a practical perspective, I agree with this article: “Al Azhar has it right: from negative media attention to subliminal associations with the 9/11 strikes, the “9/11 mosque” has great potential to backfire on Islam. Many other Muslims agree. That Al Azhar has labeled it a “Zionist conspiracy”— an appellation usually reserved for especially heinous charges attributed to fellow Muslims, such as the strikes of 9/11 — is indicative of how absurd the mosque project must appear to them.” — It’s a bad idea because of what it has done and will do to the Islamic people.
  • Vox Popoli: Ending the gay defect – Here’s the funny thing on the supposed “gay gene”. If you could prove that there was a gene that impacted whether you were gay or not, then what would you think about if they could have therapy to “fix” the problem?
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