April 22, 2021

Bookmarks for July 12th through July 14th

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These are my links for July 12th through July 14th:

  • Obama Panel Warns Governors: Debt Will Destroy US Like a Cancer – What does this say about the “New Deal” programs: “Simpson said the entirety of the nation’s current discretionary spending is consumed by the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs.” The problem is that these programs are going to keep growing larger on our current track.
  • How Microbes Defend and Define Us – NYTimes.com – God’s creation is truly amazing. I mean, the way that microbes and our bodies react together, each using each other, is an amazing design.
  • Vox Popoli: Why church women don’t like church men – From the article: “Men and women are meant to complement each other. Women need men to help them improve themselves every bit as badly as men need women, if not more so. And yet, are the men of the church ever called upon to help their wives develop intellectually, to broaden their interests outside their personal relations, to maintain themselves physically, and to refrain from being caught up in the destructive spiderweb of gossip? Not that I’ve ever heard.” Have men ceased to be men? Has the church chosen to neuter men and exalt women to a place where one sex is considered more saintly– and is this right?
  • Pat Michaels: The Climategate Whitewash Continues: Don’t Believe the ‘Independent Reviews’ About Goings on at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia – WSJ.com – Something smelled fishy when the scientists behind climategate came off scott free. This article asks some good questions– were the investigators unbiased? Did they actually want to find something?
  • Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan’s Road Map | Washington Examiner – From the article: “The plan would give everyone a refundable tax credit to buy health insurance, allow individual investment accounts to be carved out of Social Security, reduce the six income tax rates to two (10 and 25 percent), and replace the corporate tax (35 percent) with a business consumption tax (8.5 percent). And that’s not the half of it. As ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, Ryan was able to get the Congressional Budget Office to run the numbers in his plan. CBO concluded the plan would “make the Social Security and Medicare programs permanently solvent [and] lift the growing debt burden on future generations, and hold federal taxes to no higher than 19 percent of GDP.” Pretty impressive results, I’d say.”
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