June 24, 2021

Bookmarks for July 9th through July 12th

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These are my links for July 9th through July 12th:

  • Balkinization – Definitely worth the read because it brings up a lot of interesting thoughts surrounding the DOMA ruling that recently came down. The ruling is all over the place, and should not be able to stand up due to its contradictory nature, but what’s most fascinating is that this liberal is against it because one of the arguments would mean that much of the New Deal (including ObamaCare) could be considered UnConstitutional. As one that believes in limited government and that government often oversteps it’s bounds, this article is very interesting indeed.
  • Conservatives vs The Constitution, Make Up Your Minds | Progressive Nation – Some people just don’t get it. Like this comment on this post: “If these people took an oath to protect the constitution, then any comments refering to changing it should be considered impeachment worthy.” I mean, basic civics– the Constitution is made so that it can be amended and amendments can be repealed. All of the current Amendments were added to the Constitution, and various ones have been repealed. I wonder if this commenter wishes there were still a prohibition on alcohol, and whether or not he would seek impeachment on those that repealed it.
  • Vox Popoli: Attempting to redefine reality – “Now, I tend to think that America is doomed because of its addiction to debt, but the social engineers are certainly building an impressive argument on behalf of the various religious eschatologists. It takes a pretty sizable set of historical blinders not to see the signs of a diseased and decadent society approaching its final days.”
  • Arthur B. Laffer: Unemployment Benefits Aren’t Stimulus – WSJ.com – My thoughts exactly: “My suggestion would have been to take all $3.6 trillion and declare a federal tax holiday for 18 months. No income tax, no corporate profits tax, no capital gains tax, no estate tax, no payroll tax (FICA) either employee or employer, no Medicare or Medicaid taxes, no federal excise taxes, no tariffs, no federal taxes at all, which would have reduced federal revenues by $2.4 trillion annually. Can you imagine where employment would be today? How does a 2.5% unemployment rate sound?”
  • Are Overdue Reports Concealing ObamaCare Impact On Medicare? – IBD – Investors.com – This it the truly scary story that no one wants you to hear. The longer we’re in the recession, the bigger the chance of Social Security going insolvent sooner. Once that happens, don’t expect them to get rid of SS– they’ll instead raises taxes to pay for it. Government rarely knows how to end programs, only knowing how to spend more of our money: “Every year, the federal government has been raiding the Social Security trust funds to take that annual surplus and spend it on the rest of the federal government’s runaway spending, leaving the trust funds only with IOUs backed by nothing but politicians’ promise to pay it back when it’s needed. Now even that annual surplus is gone. How soon will the trust funds run out completely now?”
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