April 21, 2021

Bookmarks for July 6th from 08:04 to 13:58

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These are my links for July 6th from 08:04 to 13:58:

  • Althouse: William Saletan slams Elena Kagan. – Althouse nails why even pro-aborts should be afraid of Kagan: “I’m not to pleased with the idea of relying on someone who distorted science to detect, for our benefit, the distortions of others. What we have is someone who put a political agenda ahead of science. We all need to heighten our skepticism about the way politicians and lawyers use our embrace of the authority of science to scam us.”
  • Why Were Eve’s Eyes Not Opened Until Adam Ate? – Answers in Genesis – Note that nakedness was not a sin, but a fallen perception of nakedness and the associated shame was included in the sorrows and mental anguish they now felt. Even today, nakedness is bonded with shame, as people the world over wear clothes. In fact, this doctrine of clothing that comes out of a literal rendering of Genesis reveals that, by wearing clothes, cultures and religions all over the world are confirming the Bible’s account is true.
  • Self-esteem: Teens feel great about themselves — but are they headed for a fall? – chicagotribune.com – Kids today expect that they can get by with doing as little as possible– they don’t know how to handle criticism or getting something wrong.From the article: “By their estimation, today’s young people have been praised so much that some flail at their first taste of criticism or failure. Others develop a keen sense of privilege, believing they’ll coast into a golden future regardless of their actual talents, accomplishments or willingness to work.”
  • 6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly | Cracked.com – The second one here is interesting– Jesus was not white, but we picture him that way. Very interesting. (Warning: site contains language and not all articles are suitable for every reader.)
  • Op-Ed Columnist – Punishing the Unemployed – NYTimes.com – Are Republicans really punishing the unemployed, or are they trying to provide motivation? Krugman makes the argument that cutting benefits in boom times is good because there are jobs out there, and they are not as much there now. Having been unemployed last year, and not able to claim unemployment, it was frustrating that I couldn’t bootstrap into freelancing and collect. But I do think the absence of unemployment made my desire to take any job that much more acute.
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