April 10, 2021

We Must Do Something Now—Why?

Acro Iris - RainbowOn Tuesday night, President Obama urged the country to do something about slowing climate change.  Why?

Ann Althouse suggests:

You see why this is absolutely necessary, don’t you? What if nothing is done and global warming… doesn’t happen? What a disaster! But if disastrously extreme measures are taken and then global warming doesn’t happen? What a great relief! It will be impossible to tell whether the solution worked or whether global warming just wasn’t going to happen anyway. Win-win!

I’d go one step further.  I think that part of the reason that we must do something about Global Warming right now is that, after years of telling us that everything’s getting worse and that we’re running out of time, fewer people actually believe it.

The fact that times really haven’t changed that much, and that it’s been found out that the data has been altered to support the scientist’s conclusion has really hurt the liberal lobby.

I want to ask a bigger question, though.  Who put us in charge of the climate?  Why do we think that what we have now is normal, or preferable?

This world is based on change—it’s been much cooler and much warmer.  Perhaps we need the world to get warmer to save some species—imagine that.

This is much more about politics and power than it is about the climate.

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3 thoughts on “We Must Do Something Now—Why?

    1. Very interesting indeed. I wonder how this impacts the comments regarding the fact that the original data is missing (with only the massaged data leftover)?

      My main question still remains… How are we to judge what should be in a “living” system that changes? How do we know that climate change is bad, or that it won’t get warmer but then get cooler again? Or that being warmer is not “normal”?

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