May 8, 2021

Like It Or Not, You’re Getting ObamaCare

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The election of a Republican to the Senate in Massachusetts was viewed by some as a message the electorate was sending to the Obama Administration—especially when part of his plank was “I will not vote for ObamaCare.”  Unfortunately, the Administration does not appear to have gotten the message, and they are trying to get it through any way possible.

Different Tricks

First, it was reconciliation—that budget tool that allows the Senate to vote on a simple majority instead of the 60 votes necessary to overcome a filibuster.  That had all sorts of thorny issues attached, like Federal Funding of Abortion, which couldn’t be managed by reconciliation.

Then we were told that there would be no reconciliation.  The idea being that they would convince the House to accept the Senate’s bill as is—and perhaps adjust it later.

Or, better yet,  We’ll just “deem” the bill approved, effectively passing it through the house without a vote.  Then, the promise to the pro-life Democrats would be to fix the abortion language with reconciliation maneuvers.

Except we know how well the Democrat leadership keeps promises—when they promised Sen. Bunning (R-KY) that he’d have a chance to fix the COBRA and unemployment bill so that they’d pay for it under PayGo, they promptly did an end run around him and reneged on that promise.

The End to Private Care and Privacy

And that leads to what is truly going to be an issue.  Medical privacy will begin to fade until it is gone.

You see, once the government has all medical records, it’ll be possible to see everything about you.  Once the government is strapped paying for everyone, what will stop them from mining that data to find out how much your insurance benefits are costing them, and making decisions appropriately.

And if you believe the myth that private insurers are gong to continue to exist after ObamaCare kicks in—and they will in the short term—what’s to stop them from wanting access to that data to drive premiums?

It’s scary.

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