April 16, 2021

Journey to the Dark Side


Parental rights are a mind field, and nothing points to it better than this.  You see, i don’t know of many cases where we don’t see one party in a marriage (or cohabitating) break up as good for the child and the other as bad.

We always believe that we know best where kids should end up, and sometimes we seek to make the other parent out to be, well, Darth Vader. 1

No matter what the situation, we need to make sure that we take care of the kids and help them to understand that (in many cases) the other parent is not evil.

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  1. But as anyone who has watched Star Wars would know, Padme didn’t have long blonde hair and live in house—she was a princess.  And by the time that Luke was that old, he would have been with his aunt and uncle and his father didn’t even know that he was still alive! []

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