March 29, 2023

It’s About the Heart – A Relationship With God

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It’s often said that Christianity is different than any other religion because Christianity is not really a religion as much as it is a relationship.

God created people to have a relationship with Him, and when we sinned, the relationship was broken.  That didn’t stop God from wanting that relationship, it just meant that it would take a perfect sacrifice to make it possible again.

God wants a relationship with us that is real, personal and practical.

God Provided…

In the Bible, we see that God abundantly provided for His People

God provided in real ways, in personal ways.

Many times, we like to think of God as detached, almost like we put Him in a box.  We believe that He’s almost at our beckon call, waiting to hear from us.  It’s almost like He’s got a crush on us, and we feel guilty if we don’t spend time with Him or talk to Him.  Except, He’s the Creator of the Universe who is at work and He wants a relationship with us, but He’s not begging!

God has not changed.  The relationship that God wants is all about the heart, and it starts with belief in Him—but it doesn’t end there.

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