May 16, 2021

It’s About the Heart – He Is Everything

Love Frame

If God is a part of your life, then you have to ask yourself, how much of my life is His?  You see, He will not rest until He makes you into the image of His dear Son.  He wants to be the Lord of your life.

That means that there are two different people that are fighting over your heart—you and God.  I think you know who will win!

He is Everything

Everything in your Christian life, everything about knowing Him and experiencing Him, about knowing His will, depends on the quality of your love relationship with God.  If that’s not right, nothing in your life will be right – Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded

We were created to be beings of worship—worship is something that is natural and normal.  The truth is, if we don’t look to Him to be the foremost thing in our lives, if we’re keeping back parts of our life, then we aren’t allowing our love relationship to grow, and we’re not being all that we can be.

We were made to love Him, and when we’re in that love relationship with Him, we find in Him everything we need.

Seek This First

… But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  Matthew 5:25-34

This passage of Scripture talks about how in Christ we have everything we need.  The birds of the air don’t worry about food.  The field doesn’t worry about dress.  But we worry about both of these things, even though God loves us much more than any of these.

You see, if we’re in God’s will, He will provide.  There’s an old saying that what every God orders He will pay for.  Often we’re so caught up in making sure that we have everything that we need so that we don’t need to rely on God, that we don’t bother to seek Him!

Eternal Beings

When it comes to thinking about ourselves, I believe that we are often fooled about our true nature.  It’s easy to get focused on the tangible, on the moment.  We can think about what we do, where we are, and what family we belong to.  The truth of the matter is, however, this world is not our home, we are just passing through.

We are eternal beings, in the process of becoming what God wants us to one-day be.  The question is, how are we preparing now for our future in Heaven?

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