August 19, 2022

Ye Have Heard it was Said…

Bible and Cross

Jesus was an amazing teacher.  I mean, He was God and all, but when you actually stop to muse some of the things that He said and commanded, it goes a whole lot further than the teachings we generally hear from the pulpit or the Epistles.

Have you ever spent time actually thinking through the Sermon on the Mount—or what it would be like if we actually followed through what what He stated there?

For my next few musings I’m going to take us through some of the “Ye Have Heard it Was Said” of the Sermon and how radical these statements really are, but by way of Introduction (and I encourage you to read Matthew 5-6 again by way of preparation for our study) I want you to think about the type of person Christ wanted us to be.  Think about how the actions that He commended would be received.

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