May 28, 2022

Sex and Violence on Television

Man & Woman 2 It does seem odd, doesn’t it?  Christians seem to tolerate all sorts of violence in their entertainment, but get all squeamish when it comes to sex.  And they’re called hypocrites because of this—I mean, sex is an expression of love, and violence is an expression of hate, right?

I have a theory here—and correct me if I’m wrong.  I think that the difference is what goes on in the mind.  After the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told those that were there that if you looked on a woman to lust after her, it was as if you committed adultery with her, and that if you said “Raca” to your brother, it was as if you killed him.

Many illustrations of sex on television is something that invites our minds to participate at a sexual level with what we see.  Hence why porn is such a profitable market.  However, I don’t see much of the entertainment inciting us to anger or rage—the catalyst for murder.  So is it the case that Christians are more against sexuality in entertainment because of the link and promotion of sin—and regardless of the desensitizing that’s going on in both places—and are less concerned because the violence does not have them participating in it?

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One thought on “Sex and Violence on Television

  1. I think that’s a good explanation, and to that I might add this: sex in entertainment is perceived as something good, even though the sexual practices portrayed or hinted at are becoming more and more depraved. On the other hand, violence is still perceived as evil, and we “root for” the good guy who is trying to stop evil.

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