April 22, 2021

Was That Really the Holy Spirit?

Bible I know that we should always judge what we experience by what the Bible says. An experience that did not come from Him must come from somewhere else. But when I read something like this in my comments on preaching I’m left with a question:

Will do! My daughter has to preach in four different churches EVERY Sunday – one of them in a foreign language. Well, foreign to her. She has six parishes in all. But I know that once (at least) she felt the Holy Spirit prompting her to preach quite spontaneously on a different subject to the one she’d lined up. I’m sure He’ll do the same for you if necessary.

So, my question is… if I don’t believe the Bible supports women in the ministry, who gave this woman’s daughter the words to say? Or, to ask it a different way, if she attributes the call of the Holy Spirit to a natural phenomenon, what does that say about others that do the same?

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