June 15, 2021

The Birth Certificate Rides Again

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Just when you thought the Birth Certificate Controversy couldn’t get stranger…  Not only does the man who was in the service and would not deploy get told he did not have to, but now there are disruptions taking place during town hall meetings.

This is not going away…

In this video, during the middle of Mike Castle’s town hall on Health Care, a woman stands up to say that she has a valid birth certificate and she wonders where President Obama’s is.  And when the Congressman tries to say that’s already been answered, the audience boos, and then stands to say the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  The people get totally out of control.

Vox Day talks about how the fact that the man who didn’t get deployed got a free pass equates to a “Get Out of War Free” card, because neither the Pentagon nor the Administration want or can produce a live birth certificate:

I find the Pentagon’s response less puzzling because this isn’t ultimately a legal matter but more an issue of public perception. Right now, the only thing the public knows for sure is that they simply don’t possess sufficient facts to reach any definite conclusion, even if one can draw apparent conclusions from the actions of various parties. The problem is that one can ask “why would Obama ever run for office if he knew he was ineligible?” just as reasonably as one can ask “why didn’t the Pentagon prove the eligibility of the Commander in Chief in court and ship the major off to Afghanistan?”

What many on both sides of this issue fail to understand is that I’m agnostic on the matter. I only know that I don’t know… more importantly, I know that you don’t actually know either. And I also know that the birth issue stopped being a matter for laughing at the conspiracy theorists the moment that the Pentagon created an effective “get out of war free” card by revoking Major Cook’s orders. [Vox Day: Mailvox: A Military Lawyer’s view]

I’m with Vox on being Agnostic when it comes to this birth certificate fiasco—and yet the procedure nut in me would love to see what would happen if he were proven to not be able to be President.

Not that I think it would be best for the country, because it would tarnish our reputation, and equate us to what’s going on in Honduras.  Or is that part of the reason that Obama’s backing the ousted leader—because he could find himself in the same situation?

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2 thoughts on “The Birth Certificate Rides Again

  1. I LOVE this “controversy”! I feel bad for the regular republicans now that this fringe group is forcing it’s way into the mainstream. Best thing that could happen for the democrats!
    .-= Musicguy´s last blog ..Happy Darwin Day! =-.

    1. The weird thing is that this “fringe group” is becoming more mainstream. But there’s a lot of fringe groups out there. Ones that believe that 9/11 was done by the government. Ones that believe that George W. Bush stole the election. Ones that believe we never went to the moon. Ones that believe all sorts of things.

      I think that the party out of power always has trouble with people trying to come up with a reason that they lost, or that the guy who won didn’t deserve to win.

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