April 16, 2021

Nothing’s Changed on the Health Care Debate

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One of the interesting thing about politics and history is that it tends to repeat itself.  The Preacher in Ecclesiastes stated that there was nothing new under the Sun, and he was right.

There are two totally different philosophies that have been at work for thousands of years.  All the way back to the Greeks there were two different worldviews, etc.

So, every time there is a change of leadership in our country, there is a set of beliefs that are put upon the country—the one or the other side of the worldview that one—and yet the part of problem is that most of this is not done in the light of day, it’s done through complex legal jargon1 and through rapid procedures because they know that it won’t pass if it’s given the light of day.

To prove that there’s nothing new in this debate, listen to this audio from former President Ronald Reagan:

He’s exactly right—this will be brought upon us with flowery terms, in ways that most moral people will not object to, but the consequences of which will seek to further undermine and destroy this once great nation.

[Video Hat Tip: The Conservative Mindcleaner]

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  1. And then there’s the whole concept of voting on a bill that has not been read! []

One thought on “Nothing’s Changed on the Health Care Debate

  1. That’s so simple and accurate. I wish one of the leaders we have today could speak up like that and be able to convince people that this is socialism in disguise being enacted in Congress.

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