April 16, 2021

The Language of the Abortion Debate

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No one who is honest about what’s going on in the realm of Abortion would not admit that a lot of what is going on is a game of semantics.  Each side has taken up terms that would cast themselves in the best light.

Those that are Pro-Abortion have taken up the term “Pro-Choice” so that they seem to favor “giving women a choice” when in reality it’s all about a single choice: Choosing Abortion.

Those that are Anti-Abortion have taken up the term “Pro-Life” so that they can be seen has having a positive term (instead of a negative).

Both of them want something that would compel people to join their camp.  And yet, as the rhetoric has been ratcheted up by both sides—casting the other side as either anti-liberty or murdering babies depending on the side that you’re on—the question that is now being bantered around by the Pro-Abortion camp is whether or not saying that abortion is murder is causing the murder of abortionists—like the late abortion doctor, George Tiller.

I’ve often compared the abortion question to the question of slavery.  In that case, I’ve often wondered why some would go to such great lengths to frustrate slavery, yet when life is on the line they say that Anti-Abortion people must stand on the sidelines, a safe distance away.

But does the fact that people are murdering babies justify taking justice into your own hands?  Does it justify the murder of Tiller?

If you’re going to take justice into your own hands, you better be ready to have justice enacted upon you.  Biblically, government was given the role of arbiter of justice, and though the Avenger of Blood could require life at the hand of the person who took life, it was the government at the city of refuge that could tell whether the Avenger was just in his action.

What do you think?  To what length is acceptable?  How does God look on the one that takes an Abortionist’s life?

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4 thoughts on “The Language of the Abortion Debate

  1. Life is life, whether you take it from the womb or in cold blood in a church foyer. Regardless of the abominations that Dr. Tiller did here on earth, taking his life as retribution was NOT the answer. Dr. Tiller will indeed deal with his judgment in time, as also will his killer. I just found the whole situation a little baffling – the guy is angry at Tiller for taking lives so he takes Tiller’s? It’s hypocritical and it plays right into the hands of the pro-choice people.

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  2. It’s never right to take life. And yet this case is still different because we’re talking innocent babies vs. and abortionist that has taken many lives.

    I find it hard to feel sorry for this man. I think he was wrong to have been murdered, and I pray that he was able to find grace, but I can’t get myself to mourn his loss.

  3. Oh, I in NO WAY pity Tiller (I hope that wasn’t how I came across). He was a monster, plain and simple. I can’t even think about the things that he’s done to babies (nearly full-term, fully “viable” to use a leftist word babies!) without getting teary eyed and sick to my stomach. But regardless of how big of a monster Tiller was, his murder was not the answer to problem.

    The ONLY good that can come out of this is that now Tiller cannot perform the abortions anymore. I thought I read somewhere that his family is shutting down his clinic, which is a blessing.

    I doubt this will happen, but maybe this will choose some on the pro-choice side to really think about the sanctity of life and observe a life taken in vigilante justice versus a life taken for no reason other than convenience.
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