June 15, 2021

Is This Part of a Plan?


Or is it just inept mismanagement?  The truth is, I’m not sure I can tell.

I can’t figure out whether this whole thing about AIG and the bailout is something that is a predicament for the liberals, or something that’s going according to plan, so I’ll layout how I think it could be either way, and you see what you think.


We know that Pres. Obama comes from a liberal mindset with the most liberal voting record in the U. S. Senate.  We know that he promised to bring change, and that the issues and things he ran on during the campaign was to direct us towards more socialism.

We also know that the conventional wisdom stated that the U. S. is still a center-right country and that we still cherish some Christian tradition and some free enterprise.

What we’ve seen, however, from when our new President took office, is a continual drumbeat of how this economic mess that we have found ourselves in is an opportunity—to bring in more socialist programs.  And from every turn that’s just what we’ve seen being created.

When it comes to the AIG situation, Pres. Obama knew about the bonuses far in advance.  He knew before they were signed and knew when they were signed.  If he truly found the despicable, why let them go through?  Why wait until after they had been given to speak out about them?

The planned scenario said that it was calculated.  The liberal plan needed the bonuses to go through so there could be righteous indignation on the part of the liberals in government so they could not only regulate these businesses, but other banks, and other businesses.  Which is why we now see articles about how the Administration Seeks Increase in Oversight of Executive Pay.

Americans, one would believe, would balk at the idea of the government controlling how much a person can make—where’s the liberty and freedom in that!?—but with AIG and public money at their backs, they could just get away with this.


The other scenario is this one—Pres. Obama is facing problems in Washington on his budget and his spending plans because as he continues to spend, people are beginning to sound the whistle that they think that we are spending too much.

As Pres. Obama spends more money, and the situation doesn’t get better (or worsens) the people start to question whether government involvement was the right answer, or if they would have been better off without the intervention.

In the middle of the mess, all I heard on the talk shows were questions about “it they can take the bonuses away from these people, then why can’t they take your bonus.”  That really scares the populace.  On top of that, you have people starting to blame the government in the first place.

The Emperor’s Clothes have been shown to be nothing—the more we’ve been told that government has to act, the more inept and corrupt we find the leaders to be.  We have finger pointing and widespread corruption.  We see the same behavior that some did not like from the previous administration, and the man that sold us hope and change is brining us more of what we’ve been living the past 8 years.

The honeymoon may be over, in fact, as Pres. Obama starts to find it harder to get people of his own party to cooperate, while those from the other stop looking like obstructionists and start to look like people that are closer to the right solution.

You Decide:

Plan or Predicament—you make the call!

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3 thoughts on “Is This Part of a Plan?

  1. My dad thinks it all happened because the Constitution says the government can’t make laws against individuals, but in giving the money for the bonuses, then making a law to take away most of it, they just made a law against 71 individuals.

  2. I would say predicament, if only because it was plainly apparent that very few people in Washington had read the gazillion pages of the stimulus bill, and knew what was inside, before they signed on to it.

    Basically, I think Obama just told Congress and Geithner that he wanted to spend a trillion bucks, and told them to come up with ways to blow the money.

    I’m betting there’s a lot more controversial spending tucked in there, whcih hasn’t yet got this much attention. If we were to take that bill apart, more than half of Congress would end up indicted for corruption.

  3. The situation we are in is a prime example of why uninformed people shouldn’t vote! They shouldn’t vote for any govt office if they don’t know what the candidate is about. It is amazing how so many people will vote for liberals even though their own values are not but then again they are voting for the party not the values of the candidate. I wonder how many union workers from GM are still glad that they voted Democrat this last election?

    We are in quite a mess as nation and as a people. It is time for those of us who are still sucking on Uncle Sam’s tit to ween themselves and start contributing to society and taking responsibility for their lives and actions. The rest of us are tired of paying for you!

    Sorry for the rant, I just don’t believe in the change we are getting.

    Pit Bulls last blog post..Pit Bull Eyes

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