May 18, 2021

Remember Who Your Dad Really Is

This is a touching video from Barbara and Jenna Bush to Sasha and Malia Obama with an important message to us all.

You see, we will differ with people from time to time, we will disagree with policies, we’ll have differing points of view, but in the end we must remember that it’s the ideas that we really disagree with—at heart we’re all created by God and loved by Him.  We all need Him as Savior, and we are all someone’s child, mom or dad.

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3 thoughts on “Remember Who Your Dad Really Is

  1. Jenna & Barbara had a lot of practise, starting from their grandfather’s time. Hopefully, Sasha & Malia will be able to pick it up on the run, and understand the enormous responsibilities their father has, and will forgive him if he occasionally slips up.

  2. That is just precious. What a sweet and gracious thing the Bush daughters did. I hope the Obama girls are sheltered as much as possible from the nastiness that politics can be.

    My goodness, how our former president has aged. It’s not an easy job, that’s for sure.

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