June 24, 2021

I Wish I Believed in Luck


Watching Fox News call both Ohio and Pennsylvania for Sen. Obama, I could remain optimistic that the Exit Polling could be wrong.  I mean, we heard all day that people were thinking of lying to the Exit Pollsters to make the media look back, and we heard that it won’t be over until the votes are counted.

But now the votes are counting, and it does indeed appear to be exactly what they were saying—that our country has decided to give control of power to the Democrats.

If I believed in luck, I would say that I had something to do with it.  In the course of a week or so I’ve lost my job, had the amount of severance pay adjusted a few times and found out that I probably won’t qualify for unemployment insurance.  Oh, and that what was wrong with my van’s A/C system is more extensive than I originally thought.

Let’s just say that it hasn’t been a good past 7 days.

But, as you well know, this election has nothing to do with me directly—and I don’t believe in luck.  You see, other than you reading this, I don’t pretend to have very much sway as far as who many people vote for.  I probably have more sway in my family than with you that read here.

As for luck, I believe that God is active in the affairs of men, and that He chooses to elevate those to be “king” (or in this place, President) for His pleasure and will deal with us as He sees fit.

The practical side of me states emphatically that this will be an interesting two years—especially if the Democrats gain a Senate Supermajority, but even if they do not—and that in two years we’ll get to have a vote on how good the Democrats have done on keeping their word and governing.

Realistically, I believe that the tide will change again in 2010.  No party can keep everyone happy—they cannot steal enough of the rich’s money or print more to keep people satisfied.  And the Democrats will not have the ability to point the finger at the Republicans and say that it is their fault.

And if you think I’m bluffing, how much have the Democrats passed since they took power over both legislative houses since 2006?  Especially at the end of this race, a very small minority of Republicans were able to hold up legislation because the Democrats didn’t want to go-it-alone.

Figure on seeing more of this, and this kind of talk going forward.

Though I’m not happy with the result, and I do fear for my country.  In a cruel way I’ll be happy that it looks like it won’t be close, but at the same token I see the possibilities of what could happen and I find myself wondering if it wouldn’t be better if the financial state of affairs made it so that he was hindered from implementing a lot of his plans.

Like I said—God is in control.

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3 thoughts on “I Wish I Believed in Luck

  1. Hey MIn. It was what it was, eh?

    You know that I’m sad, and worried somewhat…but can’t stay that way because it goes against Biblical principles.

    I pray this motivates all Christians to dig deeper into God.

    Thanks for the opportunity to write here with you.

    Hopefully, you have a better week. 🙂

  2. @Holly: That indeed. There are bright spots in amidst what happened, and God is in control.

    Glad we could collaborate together. I found it beneficial and was glad to build our friendship, and I hope you did too.

    @Rachel: Thanks!

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