August 14, 2022

Predicting a McCain Win


It’s fun to read who people think will win.  The conventional wisdom is that we’ll wake up tomorrow and Sen. Obama will be victorious.  You read some places and they say that it’ll be close or a blowout.

If you’re looking for encouragement in regards to Sen. McCain winning, here are a couple sites for you.

Vox Day may have called Hillary Clinton getting the nomination wrong1, but he’s got McCain winning.

His three reasons?

  1. His five point rule: “In general, if a Democrat leads by less than five points in the polls, he loses.”
  2. Shaky poll foundations: “I’ve been very skeptical of the polls this time around because they’re based on new and improved models that have not been hitherto used and did not work well in the primaries.”
  3. Sen. Obama’s acting ability: “[T]he anxious actions of the Obama campaign belie the seemingly serene confidence of the Obama candidate. Obama’s success in building a political career has largely been based on illusion, and I think the air of calm assurance that he’s been projecting is a false one.”

Whether you agree or not, be sure that he will pad his resume should Sen. McCain win.

Bob Krumm actually goes state by state, calling out percentages and challenges us to grade him.  He also has Sen. McCain winning, and has some funny passing references to MSNBC.

My brother called in this morning from VA.  He went in to vote at 6:30 am and a poll worker said that more people had voted that morning than in the last election—whether that means 2006 or 2004, I’m not sure.  Suffice it to say, there was quite the line.

I’m sure there’ll be leaks on exit polls throughout the day, but for now, I encourage you to go vote.  Vote for the person that matches what you believe, and the person that you believe will do the best for our country—regardless of whether I agree with you!

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  1. He called this year’s Presidential contest for Hillary back in 2003. []

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