April 19, 2021

The most bizarre election ever

I’m trying to remember without misappropriating my memories, but I do believe this has been the oddest election season ever.  The election of 2000 was strange, surreal even, but I don’t remember the lead-up being so bizarre.

Although I do love politics, I don’t have much time for it until it comes down to the last couple of months before an election.   This year, I snoozed right through the Democratic Convention and Senator Obama’s speech, right up to the point when Senator John McCain chose Sarah Palin and electrified the race.

I would have voted against Barack Obama, regardless, as I knew he had poor ratings with pro-life organizations.  As I began to research, I came to realize just HOW anti-life he was for the child in the womb.  By contrast, my heart was squeezed by Sarah’s story.  I realized just how pro-life she really is.  You can’t fake mother-love like that; can’t pretend pride when it is your son whom most of your nation would have rejected in utero.  She’s genuine stuff.

I had earlier dismissed most of the stories about Obama that were funneled to me by my overzealous parents.  Connections to home-grown terrorists, ties to Odinga and the unrest in Kenya, his pastor was an angry fellow, yada, yada, yada.  I remember the Clinton years, and how much hooey was lobbed, some true, some crazy – I didn’t want to really explore it all.  It was enough for me to know that Obama supported Planned Parenthood in a really big way.

Eventually, it was more than my parents telling me about Obama’s connections.  It was friends, and the alternative press, it was verifiable in various archives.  There were pictures, and videos, and books, and records that detailed his alliances and revealed his thoughts on social redistributions to pay for past offenses.  There were signs of messianic pretensions.  Hollywood loved him.  Our enemies loved him.  The rest of the world loved him.  Some Republicans jumped ship to follow him.  I would have liked to have thought that Obama was just a nice skinny kid who loved his wife and kids; but as it all added up I began to have the Obama heebie jeebies.  I now think the entire thing is creepy – all of it, from the adoration by emergent Christian leaders to his Berlin speech to the concept that he could sit under liberation theology for twenty years and pretend he didn’t know it was preached.

I’m not a doomsday speculator.  I tend to be, but my husband is so even-keeled and hopeful that he won’t let me be.  Even so, I believe that I sense a spiritual battle of epic porportions in this election year.  I realize that many on the Obama side believe the same thing, but in reverse.  God can’t be split like that. He knows the outcome, we do not.  I don’t even pretend to know God’s plan for our days and our times, but I know that He desires that we pray for His will to be done.

And so, while my yard signs boast McCain/Palin, I hope and pray throughout the most bizarre election I can remember.

“Please have mercy, and Thy will be done.”

Holly writes at her own blog, “Seeking Faithfulness”

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8 thoughts on “The most bizarre election ever

  1. Oh Holly! I couldn’t agree more! What I find most disturbing about Obama is my own susceptability to be “drawn in” by his charisma despite my complete disagreement with many of his views! I’m so disturbed by the Christian following he’s gathered. You said it best – the messianic pretensions and the Obama heebie jeebies. I haven’t said much about the election because I haven’t known how to say what I’ve been thinking but this is it!

    Allisons last blog post..Blogging and old babies

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Holly. I have literally been weeping for our nation and what is ahead. Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. You mentioned trying not to be too doomsday about the election/Obama. I heard Rush comment, half jokingly, last week, or early this week about the “hypnotic effect” Obama and his speeches have on folks. Allison, you just voiced what I think Rush was getting across. Talk about bizarre.

  4. Allison, I have had that same response. I think that many people have, and that’s why his crowds are so numerous.

    Christy, I heard that on Rush and read it elsewhere, too. It is certainly worth considering.

    My husband is a classic example of being patient in affliction and perservering with hope. He is such a good encouragement to me to keep my eyes on the end result of eternity with Christ.

  5. I know that every year there are people that vote the party line, and would not think of voting any differently. And yet this year, more than most, we seem to see people that are willing to vote for their idea of a person and because of grand themes– regardless of whether the portrayal is accurate or not.

    I’m more scared of the fact that we’re becoming an America with its hand out expecting others to give us money, and that we’ll vote for someone regardless of whether we know that they agree with us or not than I am about the possibility of Sen. Obama being elected.

    If people were aware of what’s going on around them, then we’d have a chance. Because anyone can vote for any reason, and they don’t pay attention to anything but skin color or the letter behind the name, we never know what we’ll get.

  6. I was just thinking this afternoon how bizarre it is that Obama made it this far in the political process.
    Looking at his life – his accomplishments, how he’s spent his days, been a Senator for not even a complete term and most of that has been running for president. While he was an IL state senator his accomplishments are almost nil. And before that – community organizer? law professor?
    It’s truly baffling to think this guy beat out Clinton who has vast experience and her husband behind her.
    How did he get where he is so fast with so little behind him?
    This election has caused me to place my trust more and more in the Almighty, his sovereignty over the nations, regardless of the leader/political party. He led Israel out of Babylon, he went before Israel to conquer nations for the land, it’s all for their good – the best. And I have to believe regardless of who wins on Tuesday, those who place their trust in Him will have it good – not necessarily easy – but He’s in control. Not even Obama can claim that.

    Barbs last blog post..This Made Me Smile – Thanks Mommylife.net

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