August 14, 2022

Dust be quiet, I’m teaching my babies (about politics.)

I’m no super-mom.

There’s no way I can follow the election, grade everyone’s papers, and keep the house clean.

Between now and the election, I will settle for keeping everyone fed, clothed, cleaned, and loved.  We all have our regular house chores, but any major cleaning projects will just have to wait.  If you visit me, my windows will be dirty.  Deal with it.  I have!  🙂

We are LIVING history, right now.  I don’t want my children to miss an awareness of it.  Sure, I shelter them from the revolting Sarah Palin t-shirts and I pre-view all youtube videos; but I let them in on all that they can handle.

We talk about political process and personalities, voting blocs and polls.  We discuss issues of race in America, and whether a woman should be president.

We watch the debates together.  We pray for the election before dinner.  They wish I would buy yard-signs, but I’m too cheap and tell them they need to make their own.

When President Bush speaks and the nation collectively trembles with financial fears, I grab their hands and we pray.  Even though our leaders have made mistakes, they still govern our land.  We don’t pray for blessing; rather, we pray for wisdom, for heart-searing conviction, for mercy, for souls to return to the Lord no matter the cost.  We pray that hard times may strengthen our nation’s foundation; we remember that all we have comes from His hand.

This election, like all of the elections we have the privilege to partake in, is a spiritual issue.  It is a thermometer of our moral temperature.  Are we hot or cold?  Are we lukewarm?  Our vote will tell the tale, and I want my children to understand the full responsibility of being a Christian who lives in a representative republic.  My husband and I won’t neglect to teach them the spiritual implications behind our vote, to pray with them as we watch history speed along, to defend and protect life from the very beginning.  They need to be ready when it is their turn.

A national election only comes along every four years.  I can teach my children to clean the house any time.

Holly writes at her blog, Seeking Faithfulness.

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8 thoughts on “Dust be quiet, I’m teaching my babies (about politics.)

  1. I think most political signs are free if you go to the political party headquarters of the candidate whose signs you wish you display. I got two McCain signs free at the Rep. headquarters in Raleigh, at least.

  2. M,

    It’s getting more and more difficult to weed the gold nuggets of family oriented information in your RSS feed. Almost everything of late is political or reference to political jargon. Not all of your readers live in the USA.

    Can we have less is more please?

  3. I was going to say the same thing Natalie and Leticia said – campaign signs are free from the local GOP headquarters. We are meeting a staffer today to pick up another 200 for our community.

    Rallies are free, too, so don’t ever let that keep you from taking your family to one. The reason tickets are needed is for crowd control.

    BTW – you are my kind of mama – but then you already knew that. We have always taken advantage of current events in our home to teach and pray – and I believe we will be raising a generation of citizens that will be intelligent voters in the future. (It’s killing Emily that she is just 5 months too young to vote in this election.)

    Patricias last blog post..Eternal Perspectives (Randy Alcorn’s blog): Abortion Reduction by The Freedom Of Choice Act? []

  4. Hey Michael,

    In spite of the title, this post is more about spiritual matters and teaching our children to pray in all things than it is about politics. It’s about using natural opportunities to teach our children.

    Our US election will soon be over. Some will cry, some will rejoice. 🙂 The blog world will go on to the next big thing.

    Hope you have a good day!

    Hollys last blog post..On having a dirty home during an election season

  5. We’ve had much discussion in our home regarding the elections and how to view the candidates with respect/God’s view and role in all this and our responsibility to pray for wisdom too. Different ages mean different levels of understanding but it is a great time to teach isn’t it? We are also using this time to help the children learn about emotionalism vs. truth. This election sure has been full of examples. Yep, we sure are living history, I agree with that too.

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