April 20, 2021

Why Do You Support Sen. Barak Obama?


Howard Stern sent a man out to the streets of Harlem to ask black people who they supported in the election and why (see video after the jump).  The funny thing was, though each of the people interviewed stated that they supported Sen. Obama because of his policies, when the interviewer attributed Sen. McCain’s views to Sen. Obama, these people were in total support.

And we’re not talking places where they differ slightly.  We’re talking saying that Sen. Obama wanted to keep us in Iraq until we win, that Obama is pro-life, and that he chose Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate!

Now I’m not sure just how close to being a likely voter these people are, but does it bother you that there are people that are voting for a person simply because of what they look like.

I mean, I’m sure there are Sen. McCain supporters that are voting the opposite way, and I know that there are people that vote party line, or vote for a person because of the party they belong to.

On the one hand, you should have the right to vote for anyone based on any qualities you see fit.  But on the other hand, why are you voting if your highest quality is the color of a person’s skin instead of whether they believe what you believe?

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4 thoughts on “Why Do You Support Sen. Barak Obama?

  1. Yeah, it’s an unfortunate fact that people by and large have no idea who or what they’re voting for. They vote Democrat (or Republican) because they’ve always voted Democrat (or Republican). If people actually knew what the candidates stood for and voted what they really agreed with, your country probably wouldn’t have a two-party system at all.

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