April 21, 2021

What did you think of the third presidential debate?

Since I find myself so frustrated with the one-sided reporting, and find the polls on the debates to be incredibly skewed to the tenor of the website, I’d like to discuss perceptions of the third presidential debate.

What did you think?  Go on, feel free to tell me what you really thought.  🙂

I thought Senator McCain did well.  I was left wishing that we could have seen a little bit more of “this” McCain two months ago.  I think we’d be at a completely different place in this presidential race if we had.

The round-table discussion seemed to help him relax in a way that standing at a podium does not.  The conversational tone allowed him to be himself a little bit more.

I thought that Bob Schieffer did a pretty good job at moderating, of bringing to light questions that have not been asked at previous debates.  I think the candidates differences were allowed to “hang” in the air, not fall victim to rapid-fire questions.  I think one of Senator McCain’s strongest declarations was when he mentioned how he and Cindy knew the joy of an adopted child, and how much that child brought to their lives.  There wasn’t much that Senator Obama could say to rebut that pro-life action.

Overall, it seemed a good debate.  I am left wondering, however, if it was too little too late.  For the sake of unborn children, I hope not.  I continue to pray for a McCain/Palin win.

Please, share your thoughts with me.

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5 thoughts on “What did you think of the third presidential debate?

  1. I thought it was the best debate thus far.

    Obama caused me to want to rip my own hair out! He twists and turns the truth until it’s exactly what people want to hear, but has nothing to do with him or his voting record.

    It makes me sick that so many of the “middle class” believe him, without thinking for themselves. If one plays out what he says, or goes back and fact checks, none of it works.

    His comments on abortion…AHHHH! He actually said that “no one is pro abortion” Big fat lie.

    Wow…I ranted…sorry bout that 😉

    [email protected] in the Parsonages last blog post..Reality

  2. @Rachel: Both the born and unborn at that.

    @Sarah: It is amazing that in the quest to be fair, even the fact checkers must find things that are wrong with both, and don’t state who was more incorrect. Then again, some of these things boil down to definitions of terms. What a mess…

    @Leticia: I’m scared that a majority don’t look past the color of the candidate’s skin or the letter of the party by their name.

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