April 19, 2021

Is He a Natural Born Citizen?

Barak Obama

We’ve talked at length about the qualifications for President.  We’ve discussed whether a woman could be President.  We’ve talked about the differences between qualifications and qualities.

But what do you think would happen if it were proven that Sen. Obama was not a natural born citizen of the United States of America?

What would happen before the election?

I would think that he would be removed and Sen. Clinton may be asked to run.  And who knows what happens then.

What would happen after he was sworn in if he won?

He would be removed from office and Vice President Biden would become President.  This is probably the least complicated of the options.

What would happen after the election if he won?

Who knows?  Technically the electors vote for President and Vice President—and so it would be up to them to choose who to vote.  But how could they decide with the chief vote-getter being a fraud?

There’s a YouTube video floating around the Internet you have to see, and it comes after the jump…

Is he only a Naturalized Citizen?  Was he even born in Hawaii?

The truth will come out, and the question is, if he’s a natural born citizen, why is he dodging this?

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