April 19, 2021

When Will Sen. Obama Dump Sen. Biden?

Joe Biden

When Sen. Obama selected Sen. Biden to be his running mate, part of the reason that we were given was that Sen. Obama wanted someone who didn’t necessarily agree with him.  I doubt he thought that his running mate would be questioning campaign decisions on national media.

First, Sen. Biden suggested that the ad attacking Sen. McCain as out of touch because he didn’t use the Internet was “terrible”—because of Sen. McCain’s war injuries.  That was right before he changed his mind and called the attacks fair.

Now, Sen. Biden is on the record of agreeing with Sen. McCain about the bailout of AiG, when his boss-to-be is on the record as saying that was the wrong decision.

Add onto this the conversation the guy’s had in recent days wondering if he was the right nominee—he suggested Sen. Clinton might have been a better choice—and other gaffes, and it’s almost like they’re trying to create an excuse why this guy has to go.

And yet, I almost admire him for what he’s going through.  Unlike what I believe the McCain camp has tried to do to Gov. Palin, this man is actually saying what he thinks and believes.  That’s strange, coming from a politician.

Oh, and what do you think of the Electoral College “doomsday” scenario?  I would find that really interesting.

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10 thoughts on “When Will Sen. Obama Dump Sen. Biden?

  1. @Rachel: Being the “process” nut I am, I would really enjoy it. I mean, think about all that’s happened odd in our lifetime– impeachments, the whole Bush v. Gore case, etc. It’d be fitting to have this Constitutional question settled too.

  2. I’d read something about this yesterday and was hoping you’d post about it. It would definitely keep things interesting until the November, although it appears that way anyway.

    Colleens last blog post..Gas woes

  3. I don’t think they’ll dump Biden. There’s this e-mail that’s been circulating for quite some time that talks about it…but I just don’t see it as a wise move.

    And really, they’re not “letting Joe be Joe,” Joe just can’t help but say things. 🙂 You can try to put a lid on his comments…but it is impossible!

    Regarding Sarah not being able to be Sarah…I don’t know about that, either. There’s what Sarah really says, then there’s what the media doesn’t report.

    I saw a portion of her speech to the crowd of 60,000 in FL the other day, and it was strong and good. I read her speech that was supposed to be given at the anti-Iran rally…it too was strong and not reserved.

    She has granted two major interviews: Gibson and Hannity, and has one with Couric coming up. If I were on the McCain team, and the media treated my VP candidate so poorly, I’d limit exposure as well!

    Hollys last blog post..I’m at the new site!

  4. @Musicguy: Definitely. Sen. Biden comes off as more real. Though I don’t agree with him, there’s a lot to be said for a guy that isn’t scripted. One of my big gripes with how the Republicans are treating Gov. Palin (or at least what the media coverage is doing to my perception of her– which may be one in the same) is that is seems she has to be very scripted, and limited.
    I’ll be interested to see if the debates make her look more wooden because of Sen. Biden’s more conversational style.
    That said, I’m sure the Obama camp isn’t exactly happy that he’s making these gaffes.
    And MG, it’s Gov. Palin. I’m trying to respect people’s titles here, and they’ve earned these titles. Ms. comes off as a little dismissive given her stature. I’m pretty sure it’s not intentional on your part, just trying to keep a high level of discourse.

  5. @Holly: You’re right– I don’t think they’ll dump him, I think that would really make him take a dip in the polls and have the whole “he can’t make good decisions” idea in the background.

  6. M: I agree with you about the “handling” of Governor Palin. She needs to be allowed to be herself and show who she is. The media is going to make fun of her either way.

    BTW, I personally was a bit shocked when Sen. Obama chose Sen. Biden as his running mate. The same Sen. Biden who called Sen. Obama, “clean and articulate.” Shades of gaffes to come, I suppose.

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