August 19, 2022

Sarah Palin Scares Jason Bourne

sarah_palin3Have you heard these?

  • Sarah Palin is the reason compasses point North.
  • Sarah Palin became Alaska’s governor because having five children left her with too much spare energy.
  • Sarah Palin drives a Zamboni to work.
  • Sarah Palin is tough enough to shave off Chuck Norris’ beard. With her nails.

I guess we need to add something like:

  • Sarah Palin’s hit Jason Bourne so hard he remembered who he was.

There’s a video making the rounds, where Matt Damon (of Bourne fame) tries his best to take a swipe at Gov. Palin but ends up just making a fool of himself.

What I find funny is that every time I hear someone say “Sarah Palin’s only been a mayor of a small town and Governor of Alaska for two years” I think “Obama’s only been a state senator and a U.S. Senator for one year—with only 180 days actually doing the job.”

And this continual “McCain’s going to die” obsession is just chilling.  Here we are, making a decision for who will be President based on whether the guy running will die.

Let alone comparing his death to something out of a Disney movie?

If that’s not absurd, I really love the idea that knowing whether or not the Earth was created, or in his terms “whether there were dinosaurs on the Earth 4,000 years ago”, means something when compared with complex international security issues.  That somehow, if Mr. Damon could only tell that she did believe this, then he’d know how she’d react in a nuclear crisis.

I’m still trying to recall when this important storyline occurred in one of his Bourne movies.  I mean, he dealt with foreign intrigue.  He dealt with covert operations.  I’m wondering what scene had the good/bay guys discussing when dinosaurs were around and that influenced their decisions1.

Maybe Mr. Damon should stick to starring in movies and stop reading blogs that get him all worked up so that he speaks this kind of incoherent trash:

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  1. I know, some on the left are going to say, “He’s really linking her beliefs with what she thinks about dinosaurs,” but there’s no religious test in this country. []

9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Scares Jason Bourne

  1. You made all the points I wanted to say.

    But the dinosaur comment cracked me up! I am still giggling over that one. So he really wants to know where Gov. Palin stands on dinosaurs and it is very important to him? Good grief!

    I could think of a lot more important issues other than when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

    I have lost all respect for this actor, of whom, I was a huge fan. Umm..not anymore.

    Leticias last blog post..Senator McCain is grilled on THE VIEW

  2. @Leticia: Yeah, his whole “I want to know what she thinks about the dinosaurs really made no sense at all.

    He still may do good work– I mean, people are entitled to their views no matter how strange they are. We don’t pay them for their views, fortunately, we pay them to act.

  3. Here again is another prime example of why actors do not belong in the political arena. He tries to make an argument against Palin but doesn’t succeed (in fact, he comes nowhere near succeeding).

    It is kind of disappointing to see this because Matt Damon, personally, seems like a pretty nice person. He’s married and has 2 children and one stepchild and all around seems to not be tabloid fodder (i.e. involved in drugs or boozing it up on weekends).

    I don’t really care what actors think about politics, as I don’t think most of us do. I admire most of Damon’s work as an actor and I really don’t care where he stands politically. I wish actors would stop pretending that someone cares about their opinion and that they actually make a difference in this election. Matt Damon has just alienated many of his conservative and pro-Palin fans.

    What happened to “can’t we just keep it to ourselves”?

    militarywifeys last blog post..Traveling overseas…

  4. thanks for posting that video – you know they say that laughing out loud once a day is good for your health, well, thanks to that video I got more than my daily dose in… 😉

  5. @militarywifey: We’ve come to a point in politics where we’re convinced that we HAVE TO win NO MATTER WHAT, and so each person uses what they have to try to convince people of both the gravity of the situation and why their man is the man that should win.

    I write here on my blog about the topics, you write on your, and Matt Damon decided to try to make a video. Each of these times we put ourselves out there we run the risk of looking dumb. And there will always be people that agree or disagree.

    So, unfortunately, if we just “kept it to ourselves” that would mean that us bloggers shouldn’t comment either. I’m sure many bloggers wish they had the star power of Mr. Damon.

    What I think we’d prefer is that if someone with that wattage as a star were to speak on behalf of a candidate, that they actually be coherent. Especially in this contest which seems to be more about personality than policy.

    @ChristianPF: Yours probably is the best reaction– otherwise, if you actually processed what he was saying you’d run for your life!

  6. @Stanley: Is it the content of their complaint, or who they support that bothers you more? Would it be a problem if they were saying these kinds of things about Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden?

  7. MIN: The problem with Damon’s view is that, unlike you and I, the guy is a celebrity. So while our viewpoints are not likely to gain very much traction and affect our personal lives and careers, his will. Now he is completely within his rights to say what he wants, the difference is that him expressing his political opinions (particularly ridiculing Palin as a “Hockey Mom” out of a bad disney movie) could cost him a good chunk of fans or result in smaller movie sales.

    militarywifeys last blog post..Building a “Love that Lasts”

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