March 6, 2021

Obama the Humorless

Obama the Humorless

When I was studying History of Civilization back in college one of the things that I noticed was that leaders of times passed had interesting names.  These names were not ones that they claimed (though one could make the argument that Charlemagne could have picked “Charles the Great”) because of the way the names sometimes made fun of the person they were given to.

In this case, I’d like to submit:

Obama the Humorless

for consideration, especially if by some miracle he manages to become President.

The problem for Obama is the setup.  We already talked about how the media said that there was no way to make fun of him, and how the Obama-Messiah attack is working.

The funny thing is that this comedy is growing by the day.  When Paris Hilton came out with her ad responding to McCain linking Obama with her and Britney, it just kept the ball rolling.

And then people like Derek Kite come up with some great ideas:

We will see if the McCain campaign can go for the jugular. What if he says something like…

Reference to my age and wrinkles is nothing but ageist! and then bursts out laughing.

Since Senator Obama refuses townhall debates, maybe Paris will show up.


Derek 1

I would not be surprised if the late night comedians start picking up the theme—if they have the guts to do it.

The problem for Obama is that even though he does have some lines, he’s on the defensive.  He’s responding with, “But that’s not what I said!”  On every side, those that are against him are picking apart his programs and using them for humor, and all he can do is to try to arrogantly attempt to claim a high road.

The problem is that his inability to deal with the comedy in an amusing fashion is actually making McCain’s point.  If Obama really is so humorless and so uptight to not be able to respond to humor, what’s it going to be like when he gets up against someone that truly disagrees with him on something substantive?

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2 thoughts on “Obama the Humorless

  1. @Rachel: Unfortunately, McCain isn’t that good of a contrast. I don’t think anyone (other than Bill and Hillary) really anticipated the problems Obama would have.

    Right now, it’s pretty even, and we can pray that God will intervene. The other thing that’s not in the calculations is any third party candidate and their effect.

    I think that the more people hear of Obama the more they will choose someone they know. But that could all change depending on what happens via gaffes from here.

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