August 19, 2022

Caption Contest 9 – Linus’ Friend

Hail the Great Pumpkin I know, it’s not October yet, but this picture is fun just the same, and it leaves us with some burning questions:

  • What is this kid saying/doing?
  • Is he a true believer in the Great Pumpkin?
  • Is he wearing blue because that’s the color of Linus’ blanket?
  • Where are the vines for the pumpkins?
  • Am I stealing all the good captions?

There’s only one more caption contest after this week.  If you haven’t gotten in, and you have a good idea, or you just want to humor me at my attempt to be funny in the midst of a summer that no one seems to be around and wanting to comment on this site—feel free to offer a comment in the box below.

Come on, you know this is a cute picture.  You know you want to comment.

Put on your thinking caps and come up with some good captions!

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