May 27, 2022

Remember: The House Will Be Empty Someday

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Children seem like they interfere with a marriage—in many ways.  They end up being the focal point of many of our conversation.  They take time to plan for and to correct.  They consume our lives with their love.

That’s why it’s important to…

3. Remember: The House Will Be Empty Someday

The question is, will you know the person that you’re now living with?

It was easy when it was just the two of you and you were dating.  There were tons of things to learn about each other, you loved spending time just being with one another, and you could do just about anything you wanted at any time.

Now, there are little one—or even teenagers—running around and your life is fuller than it has ever been before.  You are having fun playing with your kids, teaching your kids, and the conversation with them is just now beginning to grow.

But if you haven’t kept up your friendship with your spouse, you may wake up one day and wonder who the stranger is…

Develop a friendship relationship with your spouse.

This means that we need to be our spouse’s best friend—and this takes time.

  • Talk with your spouse.  Find out what’s on their mind and don’t let it always be about the kids.
  • Be a shelter and an anchor.  Life all around your spouse can be hectic and uncertain.  Make sure you’re the calm voice in the storm.
  • Be an inspiration.
  • Be a listening ear.

She was your wife before she was their mother, and she will be your wife after they’ve gone.  That’s why it’s important to not let them get between you and her.

So take her out on a date – without the kids, and make sure the rules state that you can’t spend all your time talking about them.  Build that relationship with her each day and you’re investment in her will be better than that 401k you’ve been saving.

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