April 10, 2021

Will McCain Drop Out?


So, while we’re talking strange things happening in Election 2008, how about if John McCain waited a little while—like near the Republican convention, and then chose to drop out.  Call it health reasons or something else, but suppose the Republicans had a new candidate right before the election.

That’s the question that Steve Rosenbaum asks in an opinion piece, and it’s an interesting one at that.

It’s interesting to think about.  What a turmoil it would make of the whole mainstream media template!

Do you think the American people would go for the relatively unknown, or the person that they’d seen for a while?  Who could step in at the last minute with enough credibility for the Republicans to win?

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2 thoughts on “Will McCain Drop Out?

  1. That would just make my day if he dropped out at the last minute. Although I doubt he would actually do that, he will say and do anything to win the election. But then again anyone will. It is to bad Ron Paul suspended his campaign, he was such a great candidate.

  2. @Destination Management Services DC: I don’t know if Rep. Paul was such a great candidate. If he were, he would have gotten more votes.

    I agree with a bunch of people, though, that I’m not happy about any of the candidates.

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