August 5, 2021

If McCain’s Smart…


He’ll find a female Vice President to run with him.  This is for obvious reasons.

It seems that McCain’s strategy is not to shore up the conservative part of the Republican party, but to appeal to those voters that were voting for Hillary and that maybe disenchanted with Barak Obama.

He’s also trying to appeal to those that are more moderate, taking a gamble that the Conservative wing will have to vote the lesser of two evils and will not vote against him.

To me, this is a very risky move—but a very tactical one.  He’s in essence trying to appeal to Democrats while winking at Republicans trying to make them feel that he’s really one of them in disguise.

If this is his tactic, then his best bet is to get a female VP so that he will be able to tell people that he’s got a first too—because you can bet that Obama will be riding the “first Black President” concept.  McCain could claim to have the first Republican woman on the ticket.

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2 thoughts on “If McCain’s Smart…

  1. @AG: Rice carried President Bush “baggage”, unfortunately. Whereas a short time ago I would have agreed with you, his best bet is probably to go with someone outside of the current administration– perhaps a governor or another “rising star” in the party.

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