May 29, 2022

CBD Affiliate Page

old bible A funny thing happened to me in church on Wednesday.  It was after my youth group and I went to pick up one of my children and the teacher there told me that he really liked this CD of songs that they were using.  The she added: “You can get it through CBD.”  I happened to mention, offhand, that I’m an affiliate for CBD:

“What does that mean,” she asked.

“Well, it means that when someone buys something from CBD through my website I get a percentage of the sale.”

“Really?  I do a lot of buying from CBD,” the first woman said.

“How does that work?”  Another lady in the room asked.

“Well, if you go visit my site, and then go buy something from CBD, they credit me for the sale,” I replied.

“Well, you should tell the church secretary– so that she can place orders through your site.”

So, I got to thinking.  I could bury another search box on the front page of the site, or I could present a new page that would give some suggestions of what to buy and the search box.

If you or someone you know buys things from CBD, and you’d be so kind as to support this site at the same time– or if you’re just interested in what I’ve done, please check out my CBD affiliate page.

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