May 20, 2022

Defining a New Morality

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The second thing I found fascinating was the whole idea that discrimination is the new sin. In my discussion which is still continuing on Christian morality and Atheistic morality one of the things that I haven’t managed to get to is the discussion of basis for morality– what makes a given thing right or wrong. I’ll tackle this in the series, but I wanted to give you a frame of reference.

Because we as a society are leaving the Christian moral framework and headed towards a more secular one, we should expect to see more things changing as far as right and wrong, and this is one of the examples1. We now have the sin of choosing one person over another– and part of this is playing mind reader.

What do I mean? Well, consider the Chinese Restaurant. When’s the last time that you were there? Now, when I go, I tend to stay near the chicken, and I always make sure to get one of those doughnuts. One of my college friends likes to get crazy things in order to see if he can gross us out. In any case, how many of those that served or ran the restaurant were Asian? I would guess a fair amount. Do you consider this a problem? Do you see many people protesting, people going to the ACLU to say that their rights were infringed on? I personally haven’t even read a story like this.

Why not? Why aren’t they vilified for not having the correct ratio of African-American, White American, etc? Perhaps it’s because one expects Chinese servers? Does it make it more authentic? Could the managers believe that they’ll turn a better profit if they hire Asian girls? GASP!

I could use other examples, but I want to go back to Musicguy’s comments:

I don’t support discrimination of any kind, at any time.  period.  Go ahead and mask it as “personal freedom” but at the end of the day, it’s discrimination:  evil, hateful, ugly discrimination.

He was upset that I said that I could support a business owner’s right to only hire men. Why is he aghast? Because he judges motives (and I thought Christians were the only ones that judged other people) and to him it’s a sin to want to have exclusively male employees– regardless of the reason.   See how he adds “any kind at any time.”  And this is the danger.  Because we cannot truly know the thoughts and the heart, we’re left with people guessing motives.

He cannot truly mean that he has a problem with Chinese restaurants.  I personally have a problem with Hooters for other reasons, but I haven’t heard Musicguy state that he has a problem with them for only hiring waitresses. Perhaps he would get on the bandwagon to say he opposed them not letting pregnant waitresses be a part, but I would have to wait to hear just what he had to say. I truly do not wish to put words in his mouth.

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  1. Another example of changing morality is in the area of sexual liberty. It’s no longer a sin in this country to have premarital sex, to divorce, to have sexual partners of the same sex, etc. This was the first Christian moral to be thrown by the wayside in my opinion. []

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  1. Wow quote mining at it’s best. You are completely misrepresenting what I said. You know very well what I meant by that statement, but you’ve put it into a much different context. Typical. It’s a shame you can’t write a “series” without twisting original intent.

    Musicguys last blog post..Well isn’t this just peachy!

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