June 17, 2021

Faith and Freedom

Learning to Pray We’ve been talking– or writing– a lot about the founding of our nation, both here and in comments on other blogs.  What I’ve struggled the hardest to do is to try to explain in clear language why it is important that we know what we were founded upon and just what kind of nation we are, or are becoming.

What I’ve found is that the culture today is trying to rewrite the past– erasing the faith of the past in an attempt to justify what our nation is becoming– a secular nation.  You see, I can’t argue with the fact that our nation is becoming secular.  It’s all around us, specifically evident this time of year in two areas:

  • Materialism – Especially evident at Christmas time.
  • Selfishness – I need to have what I want when I want it.

But our nation was not always secular.  At one time, our nation worshipped the God of Heaven, the God of Christianity.  No, it wasn’t all one denomination.  It was many different denominations, but the same God.  It was many different interpretations of some passages, but the same core.

Freedom is based in faith.  I was just writing the other day how it was the Baptists and other Protestants that gave us the Freedom of Religion in this country– not secularists.  Freedom of Religion came before the Constitution, and it did not come from Jefferson.

One of the most famous works written by Jefferson by which the Supreme Court (wrongly) added a wall between church and state was written to a group of Baptists– and what was it written about?  Not letting the government tell churches what to preach, and not letting it establish a federal church.  Why?  Because the Baptist Christians wanted the freedom of conscience.

Mike Huckabee gave a talk recently on Rights and Responsibilities, take a listen and see if it helps…


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One thought on “Faith and Freedom

  1. YES,YES,YES !!!
    How wonderful that what our Pastor preached about on Sunday would show up on your site today.
    We as a nation have forgotten Sunday as a day set aside to be with and worship God. We have all week to shop and go to “our” events but can’t seem to find a few hours for God on His day. The Pastor spoke of how businesses were closed on Sunday (the only one that comes to mind now, is Chick-Fa-Lay, God bless them for that policy)and now we are all about getting, getting and getting RIGHT NOW. What happened?
    We could blame (and do) everything under the sun, but the sad state of affairs of not only our country but many others, is that we are NOT doing God’s work or living by His laws. How can we expect to fill our lives with “stuff” and think that it is the happiness we seek. It’s just STUFF. We add to the emptiness within ourselves by thinking the “stuff” will fill a void and when it doesn’t we just get more stuff or newer stuff or bigger stuff. Still we are not filled.
    God knows of our selfish ways and I will stake my soul on the fact that when we go to be judged, God will not ask how big the television was or what type of car we drove or how big our house was. Matthew 6,19-21 says “Do not lay up for yourselves on earth, where moth and rust consume and where theives break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where theives do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart be also.”
    God gave us all the “treasure” we will ever need. Now is the time to give Him some back, by following a few simple rules and having faith.

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