August 14, 2022

Stumble Upon Experiment

stumble upon logoWell, I reached the end of my Stumble-Upon experiment on November 15th (and missed my opportunity to get into the MyBlogLog contest to grow my community!) and here are the results in case you were interested.

These stats reflect 30 days of Stumble-Upon usage as my only means of social networking:

  • I marked 446 items as “Like”.
  • I marked 84 Photos as “Like”.
  • I have 22 new fans.
  • I haven’t had any new reviews.

So, was it a success?  It definitely helped me to learn the features of SU, and I found a lot of great content, but I’m not sure how much it helped the actual blog.

I really like the feature that lets you share something you have found with a friend, and the messaging system is great, but I think that only one of my new found friends on the system actually followed me back to my blog.  I fault SU a little for that.  There’s no obvious way to show where you’re blogs are other than putting it in your profile (something I’ll be doing soon), and I’m not sure that my content is really geared toward the audience.

The whole stumble blog thing also is a little strange.  I’m not sure how much people actually get out of stumble blogs that actually have content (and most of the content comes from reviews so it’s copied).  I find that the blogs that I’m attracted to have images, not so much text.

It’s a great tool, and I’ll keep using it, but I haven’t seen the translation from SU to MInTheGap yet.

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