April 19, 2021

October Thank You

Sunrise at window 5 It’s time, once again, to look back on the month that was and say thanks, both to God and to all of you, for all that has been going on this blog.

As  you know, this blog doesn’t run without all of you– and I’m grateful for the time that you spend here, those that subscribe here, and those that comment here on a regular basis.

Without further ado, here are the stats from October 2007.

Top 5 Post Categories

  1. Politics (8 Posts)
  2. Family (8 Posts)
  3. Website (7 Posts)
  4. Pro-Life (6 Posts)
  5. Saving Money (6 Posts)

Quick Stats

Visits: 6,567

Page Views: 13,037

Pages/Visit: 1.99

Top 5 Referrers by Visits

  1. Amanda (76 Visits)
  2. Mary (50 Visits)
  3. LancerLord (46 Visits)
  4. Rebecca (39 Visits)
  5. Bethanie (28 Visits)

Top 5 Referrers by Time on Site

  1. Bethanie (00:33:07)
  2. Ajanelle (00:31:38)
  3. Jill Stanek (00:12:11)
  4. Weekend Kindness (00:11:54)
  5. Lynnae (00:10:54)

Thanks again to all that have come by.  For some reason, I’m not able to get to the Commenter data this time around, but I’ll figure out why that is, and hopefully have that data available for November.

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4 thoughts on “October Thank You

  1. This is such a nice feature! I enjoy checking my own stats out from time to time, and it’s fun seeing yours here too. You’re very welcome for any hits coming your way from HSH. Thanks for the “thanks”, MIn!

  2. I was a little late with this feature, but I’m glad that you like it. You’ve consistently sent people over here, and I’m glad for it. Hopefully I’ve also sent a few people your direction! If not, I’d better get on it!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I also like the feature, and blog-reading, which unfortunately has taken a back seat to a current monstrous project. Anyway, I’m glad people are coming over here from my blog. 🙂

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