May 10, 2021

Is God Your Grandfather?

generation One of the common ways that God is thought of is that of equating him with your Grandfather.

Grandfathers are great– they take you fishing, they tell you stories, they give you candy, but when the day is done you leave them and their wise advice and head home to do whatever it is that you want. Grandfathers don’t punish. Grandfathers are smart. Grandfathers are fun to be around because they do fun things with you.

We tend to get this concept of God in our heads because we do not always see the direct link between what is going on in our lives and what He is doing (because we’re not always in our Bibles!)

You see, God is like a Grandfather in that He loves you, cares for you, and is infinitely wise. But He’s not like a Grandfather in that He wants to be a part of your every day life. He wants to be your one desire– the thing that completes you. And He is not afraid to chasten you to bring you closer to Him.

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