April 21, 2021

Damsels in Distress

damsels-in-distressHere’s another book for that woman in your life that you hold dear. Damsels in Distress: Biblical Solutions for Problems Women Face (aff) promises to be another great book by Martha Peace.

I found out about this book from the Irish Calvanist, who had this to say:

Damsels in Distress is broken into three parts; Biblical solutions for problems with others, with ourselves and with the world. Within these sections chapter titles gossip, idolatry, hurt feeling, vanity, PMS, legalisms, the feminist influence and such are covered making this a real hands on book. And please don’t let my topical list deceive you. This book’s emphasis is on the Scriptures. The depth to which Mrs. Peace goes on each subject makes it a great sharpening tool for even the most mature Christian woman.

What I appreciate about Martha Peace’s ministry is her practical application of the Bible to the lives of women. Why do I appreciate that, as a man? Because I have a wife and a daughter! I can see how important it is to have questions answered from a Biblical perspective, and this woman provides a great service as we try to be men and women of character.

So, if you’re looking for a good book to read, ladies, here’s another one to read as the weather turns cold.

And guys– here’s another book to put on the Christmas list. And don’t worry, I’ll be finding some for you soon too!

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