April 16, 2021

Are You A Passionate Housewife?

This book, borrowing it’s tag line from a famous television series, is written by two great authors whose desire is to encourage you, as wives, to live your lives “Desperate for God”.

From Martha Peace:

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God is an exceptionally well written book. Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald do not pretend to be the perfect wives, mothers, and homemakers, but they do have a heart for God and His glory. Both of them see the role of the wife and mother as God’s high and holy calling, and they exhort us through Scripture and practical examples to, by God’s grace, fulfill that calling. This book will make you think, will convict you, and will, as the subtitle states, give you a ‘fresh vision for the hopeful homemaker.’ I highly recommend this book. –Martha Peace, biblical counselor and author of The Excellent Wife

This book looks like a terrific one for you to get, or for you to tell your husband to get you for Christmas. It covers some great topics of discussion:

• The false gospel of self
• The beauty of God-centered marriage
• Why real women are passionate about true womanhood, marriage and motherhood
• What the Bible teaches about servanthood and slavery—and the difference
• Real-life examples of happy, contented homemakers
• Why being a homemaker is not a waste of God-given talents

Stacey McDonald, one of the authors, encourages you to preorder today!

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