June 24, 2021

More Truth in Comics

One Big HappyI was reading the daily comics when I stumbled across this one, and isn’t it the truth (click on the comic for full size).

The story picks up with a Grandfather and daughter watching television when the daughter starts to ask some questions:

“Grandpa, what happened to that guy’s car?” Ruthie asks.

“It broke down.” Her grandfather answers.

“Who is that pretty girl?”

“I don’t know, Ruthie.”

“Why is she stopping her car?”

“To offer assistance I guess.”

“Why is her shirt unbuttoned like that?”

“Uh… It’s hot there in the desert.”

“Why is she looking at his britches?”

“I… uh… don’t know.”

“WOO-WOO! Look at that!”

“Where’s the remote?”

“Why are they kissing all of a sudden?!”

(Enter Grandma)

“Nick, what is this smutty show you are watching?” Grandma asks.

“What show? It’s a soft drink commercial!” Grandpa responds.

Doesn’t this hit the nail on the head? We use sex to sell everything– even soda.

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