August 19, 2022

New Look For MInTheGap

It’s been either close to a year or a year since MInTheGap debuted using the 3k2 theme that would grace its pages for this past year.

The sun has finally set on that old theme, and it’s time to bid the old theme a parting goodbye as we walk forward with WordPress 2.3 and a new theme called Zeke 1.0!

This new theme has some great features I like– including the featured post section at the top.  It also should be a little better at some of the bugs that I’ve been having that I haven’t gotten a chance to fix.

Let me know if there’s things that you miss or that aren’t displaying correctly.

Don’t worry, this isn’t how it will look when it’s finished, it’ll be a work in progress (I tend to like blues rather than reds), but it will do for now and you’ll notice changes along the way.

Thanks for continuing to be faithful readers, and I look forward to our future conversation!

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13 thoughts on “New Look For MInTheGap

  1. Hi! I like the new look. 😮 ) Your big orange feedburner button is showing up HUGE on this end, and throwing off your columns. I just thought that I would let you know. It did the same thing for me on the other template too.

  2. Thanks, Jenna. I’ve uploaded a new smaller icon with the correct background color. I hadn’t tried it yet in IE6, so I’m glad that it’s working out for you.

    Amanda, I think I solved our little issue with the comments (this will help confirm that) and I’m glad that you like it.

  3. Well…I am actually quite fussy about change so I don’t know if I like it yet — plus I have been drinking lots of gin…but I digress…why do you think Society[…]is Warring With God? I prefer blue, too.

  4. Your pictures are displaying correctly now for the first time on my laptop. However, the sidebar is still all the way at the bottom.

    It’s a nice layout though!

  5. Hmm. Which sidebar is at the bottom? The furthest on the right (the one with the Recent Readers and the Now Reading stuff? My guess is that something is not rendering right as far as IE6’s CSS.

    All that to say two things:
    1. When are you three (Jenna, Buffy, Musicguy) going to upgrade to IE7 (or Firefox!) 🙂
    2. I guess I have to find somebody around me that can show me what it looks like in IE6 so I can fix it.

  6. Actually, both sidebars are at the bottom. I had IE7 for awhile and HATED it! So many of the sites I visit didn’t display well at all. It was far easier to go back to IE6 and deal with the 2 sites out of 100 that display incorrectly istead of the other way around. Gotta love Microsoft. I’ll upgrade when they work all the bugs out of it, which should take about a year, if their former track records are any indication.

  7. I just got done checking it out in IE6. It looks like the furthest right column was at the bottom, and the culprit was my StumbleUpon Blog RSS link.

    Right now, the site looks like it should in IE6, but I’d appreciate anyone here who’s running IE6 let me know if they still do not see the sidebar.

    As for IE7, I’ve been using it for a while, and it seems to be fine for the sites that I check. It would be interesting to know what kinds of problems you are seeing since I work on a website for my day job as well.

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