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Carnival of Modesty

Welcome to the September 14, 2007 edition of carnival of modesty.

Modest Resources

Homemade Dickie posted at Frugal Journey, saying, “I have quite a few shirts that I dislike because of their necklines. They aren’t immodest by most people’s standards, but they are still lower than what I enjoy wearing. I found an easy way to make them acceptable.”


ATTITUDE Plays a Huge Role in Attaining Success And Living The Life of Your Dreams posted at firedupphil.

Culture Watch posted at Guarding the Landmarks, saying, “A man today can see more flesh just taking a walk on a sunny afternoon than his grandfather could see in a Playboy magazine fifty years ago: The porn of yesterday has become the norm today.”

~*~Lothlorien, Realm of the Lady of Light~*~ – Encourage Your Sisters in Christ posted at Lothlorien, saying, “Encourage your sisters in Christ as we walk this road of Godliness, modesty, and purity. Let them know they’re doing good.”

A word to the guys… what you desire is what girls desire to become posted at Unfurling Flower, saying, “If [Satan] can captivate a man with the image of the pornographic prostitute – that kind of woman – then guess what: he has found the key to producing a whole generation of women who act like this”

What is Modest

modesty posted at an ordinary life artist, saying, “what have I done to instill into my sons’ hearts the concept of modesty?”

At nine, Bethany doesn’t ‘feel right’ without fake… posted at A Time For Everything, saying, “At nine, Bethany doesn’t ‘feel right’ without fake tan. 11-year-old Belle waxes her legs. Karolina, 10, won’t leave home without scent. Harmless fun? Or proof of the insidious sexualisation of our children?”

that women would adorn themselves posted at The Welcome Home Blog, saying, “Modesty results from purity of mind, or from the fear of disgrace and ignominy fortified by education and principle”

A modest man posted at Simply Catholic, saying, “I would hope that my two sons can be such “wanted men”. The boy described above is a boring, good, modest young man. I would hope that my daughters find them.”

The Key to a Simple Life | posted at

Boys, Modesty, & Swimshirts. posted at Per Christum, saying, “Just in time for those folks who – like me – buy their seasonal clothes on clearance at the end of the seasons!”

Why Dress Modestly?

What NOT to Wear posted at ask the CareerCounselor.

Alyssa’s Site – Fashionable Yet Modest posted at Alyssa’s Site, saying, “Modesty is an old-fashioned, outdated word. Girls don’t care to dress simply. They don’t care about displaying a decent and appropriate look. They would rather wear fashionable but immodest clothes.”

Don’t Awaken Love Before It So Desires posted at Transforming Life Center, saying, “How do we awaken love before it’s so desires? We don’t practice modesty and we sexualize ourselves confusing love and sex is the main issue. I often see the girls in our youth group trying so desperately to be part of the crowd, wearing provocative clothing and too much makeup as they try to conform into what the world is telling them is sexy.”

Considerate Modesty posted at Full Contact Christ-Centric Living, saying, “God has given mankind an inherent desire to be attractive. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t or hasn’t struggled with this. We all want to look good to others. That’s why God addresses the “fear of man” and tells us to do everything as unto Christ, not by way of eyeservice as unto men. He knows we’ll have issues with wanting to impress others.” posted at Rick R. Reed, saying, “The purpose of this article is to put a searchlight on our hearts and on our motives for the way that we choose to dress – and why.”

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