May 9, 2021

Please Post – Chapter 5

Next, Techskeptic takes a swipe at me personally:

Please explain to me how you are not a total hypocrite since you have not adopted a child to help reduce to problem associated with bringing unwanted pregnancies to term.

I previously said this:

The pro-life movement is doing more for women now than the pro-choice. Pro-life Pregnancy centers provide women with shelter, food, clothing, support. Pro-abortion centers provide an opportunity to kill their babies, condoms and birth control pills.

Pro-life centers meet needs, and encourage life. They make no profit from people, but are supported through free-fill gifts. Pro-abortion centers make money off the government and by killing babies.

You tell me which is making a positive impact and which has the motives for being a positive influence in society.

But since this is personal, my wife and I almost did adopt a child rather than have it aborted. A high school friend of my wife found out that she was pregnant. We live quite a distance from this friend, but when my wife found out, she drove all the way out there to go to the doctor with her. She asked the girl to keep the child, and we both talked about adopting it– even though we knew that the girl’s behavior would mean a lot of difficulties for the child.

What made this situation even more tearing at our hearts was the fact that we were also expecting a baby at the same time she would have been due. The due dates were within a week of each other. We were willing to open our home for this child, even though we knew that it would be hard.

But before we knew it, the woman had been rushed to the abortionist by her parents, been given a pet in exchanged, and had killed the life. And we have the memory to this day every time our second child has a birthday.

You see, we are willing to adopt children instead of having them aborted. That is the difference between pro-life and pro-choice. The pro-choice platform is all about self–

  • I must have my life, my way.
  • I can’t take responsibility for my actions.
  • A child will totally ruin my life.
  • I have to avoid having children like the plague.

Whereas those on the pro-life side provide homes and shelter, they go with people to their doctor’s appointments, they pour out clothing donations, formula, and prayer. They do much more to help the woman– even if she does choose abortion!

They help them go through the grief that often follows, they help them get medical care, and they give them a shoulder to cry on.

Far from hypocritical, Techskeptic– willing to do whatever it takes to save a life.

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