April 22, 2021

Pray for My Pastor

Say Your PrayersMy Pastor was just taken in for Emergency Surgery this morning to have a section of his intestines taken out for biopsy.  He has been fighting some kind of intestinal trouble for about a year, which they originally believed was a gluten intolerance, but through many tests they now wonder if it is lymphoma.

If you would, pray for the surgery, his family, for a clear diagnosis from the surgery, a speedy recovery, and for those that must step up and “fill his shoes” in the ministry.

It seems that there is a lot of trials going on out there, and we need to pray and uplift one another– both for well being and that we may grow closer to God through the trials.

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10 thoughts on “Pray for My Pastor

  1. I’m praying! That sounds scary… But God is big! My Gram’a was diagnosed with Lymphoma of the brain 1 1/2 years ago. People all over prayed for her. She went in a couple weeks later for further testing to see how to treat the cancer… The doctor checked twice and then asked her what she’s been doing. “Drinking carrot juice, and all my friends are praying for me,” she informed him. His words: “Well whatever you’re doing, keep it up. The cancer is gone.” She’s been cancer-free since. I pray the same for your pastor… I hope whatever is going on is not serious!

  2. Thanks for all of your prayers. It’s been a long time that he’s been fighting this, but he believes that it will help him cease to be a Sunday Morning Christian and encourage him to be a 24/7 Christian– and it’s that the struggle that we all face? Living our Christian lives daily instead of just when the Christians are around or just on Sunday.

  3. The latest is that he has had the surgery (this morning) and the doctor’s believe that it is lymphoma. They don’t believe that it’s a serious kind, but will know more after they study the section of his intestine that was removed.

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