May 16, 2021

Then They Got Married

Then They Got MarriedI don’t know about you, but I follow the comic strip For Better or For Worse.  Today’s comic underscores just how much our culture has changed (click on the picture to see the full comic).

In the first panel, Michael is explaining to his daughter, Meredith, how his mom and dad met.  But it’s the third panel that’s the interesting one.  He’s gotten up to the part of the story where John and Ellie (his mom and dad) are about to get married and saying that they saved during college, and Meredith interjects, “Then they had you?”

“No!”, replies Michael, “They got married first, and I was a bit of a surprise.”

What I find sad and authentic here is that Meredith– indeed this next generation– is going to have the concept that a lot of the times having a baby comes before getting married.

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