August 17, 2022

An August Thank You

Blogging is a fun activity for me.  I love being able to share this easily what’s going on in my head, my day, and being able to discuss with you different topics.

However, this community– this friendship– that we have here would not be possible without people linking to stories that are here, commenting here, and stopping by here to read.

I’ve implemented the Count Comments item to draw attention to those who take the time to leave comments, but it occurred to me when I visited a few sites recently that I have not taken the time to properly thank those that chose to send people my way.  So, without further ado, I’d like to thank the top ten people who sent the most traffic this way during the month of August (stats taken as of August 30, bloggers only):

  1. Kim C at Life in a Shoe sent 340 visitors my way via her post talking about my modesty series.  She sent almost as many visitors as all of the rest combined.  Please go over and take a gander at what she has going on, and tell her MInTheGap sent you!
  2. Jess at Making Home sent 75 visitors my way with her link to “What is Modesty on this site.”
  3. Anna at Veiled Glory comes in #3 with 63 visitors.  She’s recently started helping over at Weekend Kindness and she’s linked to some discussions here.
  4. Mary at Home-Steeped Hope sent over 47 visitors to my blog.  Mary has helped out tremendously at MInTheGap.  She’s the top commenter right now, has taken over for me when my baby was born, and writes a blog that my wife is interested in reading!
  5. Amanda at Imago Dei is #5 with 41 visitors sent here.  She linked to a story I had a little while ago about everythingism, and has commented a few times here.
  6. Jill Stanek at Jill Stanek recently put this blog on her blogroll and forwarded readers to a post I wrote about Jessica Biel.  She’s a big name in Pro-Life circles and her posts and stories at WorldNetDaily are must-reads.  She sent 33 visitors over.
  7. Rebecca at Between My Peers directed 30 readers my way.  She’s just back from vacation, and even though we’re on different topics, we found joint interests in the modesty series and she hosted the first Carnival of Modesty.
  8. Mollie at Adventures in Mercy somehow sent me 27 readers even though her blog is no longer updating daily.  Whew– that’s pretty crazy!
  9. Meg Logan at Meg Logan sent 22 visitors this way.  She hasn’t posted since father’s day– her move and trying to find a new house along with her pregnancy are not making thing easy.
  10. Jennapiller at Jennapiller sent 13 readers my way.  Thanks Jenna– you just made the list and you have only one direction you can go, right?

I intend to do this as a monthly feature, to give back to those that give so graciously to me.  However, I won’t always be listing by page visits!  Next time we’ll use a different statistic to see who’s been helping MInTheGap by sending people my way.

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3 thoughts on “An August Thank You

  1. That was pretty cool, seeing specific stats. I know most of my favorite bloggers I’ve found through you and your links, so I’m pretty thankful to you too.

    Thank YOU for all you’ve done for me and my blog! I love to point people over here.

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