April 21, 2021

Who Is Your God?

One of the most baffling things to me as I read through the Old Testament account of history is that people could worship things created out of their own hands.  They worship a golden calf.  They worship the bronze serpent.  They created idols out of all kinds of materials.  And we know that people still do this today.

As Christians living in the 21st century we often think that we’ve moved way beyond this kind of philosophy.  We believe that we don’t have trouble with the first and second commandments because we aren’t constructing idols and we do not have any other gods that we are worshipping.

May I suggest that we may be wrong here?  You see, just like when Jesus said that those that commit adultery with a woman in their heart are the same as those that commit physical adultery, I believe that those that construct a god of their own out of what they want to believe about God are also following a lie.

I’d like to take some time here at MInTheGap to explore some of the gods that people people believe are God, and explain both why people believe this, but also why it’s wrong and what harm it could do.

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6 thoughts on “Who Is Your God?

  1. Great question, and very direct.

    I have pondered I have considered that my “god” or “gods” are

    1. Definitely reading Christian novels, instead of delving in the bible as I do those books. I can finish a book in one day, but reading two chapters in the bible seems too much, at times.

    2. Buying and watching DVD’s. I have a large collection and it seems to continue to grow.

    These are the two main things, and a few programs on tv.

  2. And it will be a great series. Probably a hard one to read, but those are the good ones.

    I’m already convicted by Leticia’s admissions above. Can’t say I haven’t had those same thoughts about books myself.

    Preach on.

  3. There are definitely two ways to take this question.

    1. What are you worshiping that is not God?
    2. Who do you think God is?

    I was actually targeting the latter, but I can include the former as well. Yes, that should be an interesting discussion.

  4. I know the computer/Internet is a god to many of us. I try not to let it be, but it does suck me in more than I wish. Something I work on, for sure. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series!

  5. I can’t wait to see what comes of this series. Both questions are good ones and I think it would be interesting for us to all sketch our idea of who God is.

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